Pamela Pekerman


The Pamela Pekerman story is a very inspiring one. Pamela launched in April 2005 after several internships at leading fashion magazines including InStyle, Cosmopolitan and YM. Pamela then launched, and her blog My Bag-a-Licious Life. She is the resident Bag guru at the Home Shopping Network, a regular on VH1’s The Fabulous Life, and the handbag writer/expert for AOL’s Pamela Pekerman was even mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, and it looks like she is having the time of her life. I had the chance to chat with Pamela Pekerman during her bag-a-licious adventures at the 2008 Mercedes-Benz Swim Miami Fashion Week about her passion for bags, and plans for the future.
When did your fascination with handbags begin?
I was always into handbags ever since I was a little girl. When I went to New York University for Journalism I was fortunate to take on some great internships, I worked at the fashion accessories department for In Style, and also for Cosmopolitan. I was always around bags. It kind of developed on my last semester in school when I launched one thing led to another. led to HSN and to VH1. I’ve always loved handbags and to be able to turn your passion for something into a career is really exciting.Can you tell us about what is all about?
It’s a three year old online magazine. It was launched before the online fashion media boom so we had that spot for ourselves for a while. We cover handbag trends, particularly, the contemporary market. My main interest is upcoming bag designers, and who’s going to be tomorrows  Luis Vuitton or Gucci. Three years ago the brands I was writing about had just come out, but three years later every celebrity under the sun is wearing them. So my passion is finding the next ‘it’ handbags. includes monthly handbag trends, and every Friday I have my weekly picks, celebrity handbag trends, we also try to cover Fashion Week. I also write in blog which is a bit more personal.What shows are you planning to watch during Miami Swim Fashion Week?
Diesel , Ed Hardy, and Tommy Bahama. Seeing what’s going on with swimsuits this season in terms of colors and patterns are important in trying to identify beach bag trends. 

“Being a bag expert is about being curious and serious about it. Proving to people that you are not somebody that just happens to like this, you are somebody who is making a career around it.”

What does it take to become a bag expert?
You must have the passion and the drive for it! Just follow your passion. For me it’s about going to all the appointments, making the connections, and seeing the collections as soon as possible. Because I work with WSA, which is the World Shoe Association, and I attend the WSA Show the largest and most comprehensive footwear and accessories show in the world, I get to see the trends way in advance. Being a bag expert is not about only what I think, it is about being aware about what is also happening in the market, traveling and seeing what people are wearing on the streets around the world and in different cultures. Many designers reflect their exposure to travel and other cultures in their designs, for example, Gwen Stefani with L.A.M.B and Marc Jacobs.  It’s about being curious and serious about it. Proving to people that you are not somebody that just happens to like this, you are somebody who is making a career around it.

What other ways do you tend to spot bag trends?
Developing a relationship with the designers and talking to them about what they think we are going to see in upcoming seasons in a very casual way. I also ask about what leathers they are interested in or what colors, is  there any cultural reference that is appealing to them the most, and what is entertaining them at the moment. I also look outside of fashion, I look at furniture, I look at celebrities. It is then very important as a trend forecaster to take in all you have observed into a point of view.

What are some of the ‘it’ handbags at the moment?
For the fall season one of the big trends is lace. I saw that trend a lot at the Prada runway shows both in their clothing and handbags. A shopper will have options buying into this trend with Target or H&M, or if they choose to splurge with expensive designers. But chances are you will get bored with a lace handbag, so it’s not a purchase you want necessarily spend $2000 on, so I’ll suggest to go with H&M and this is how I play around with the lace trend. Another big trend we are expecting to see is handbags with a long chain. A little clutch or a purse on a very long chain. This trend has been seen on the runway and celebrities and it will translate well into everyday life. Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff have amazing options. So the idea is a small purse or a clutch with a very long chain or chain and leather sitting at your waist. It is very modern and very fashion forward.  You can also wear the look in a messenger style, across your body. And Grey which was popular last fall will stay strong this season. It is going to be the backdrop color both in fashion and accessories. I love grey, that is something I will invest in. It is a great option if you are used to black.

Which beach handbags do you think are hot at the moment?
Because not everyone is comfortable wearing wild colored swimsuits and often stick to understated colors such as black, a bright and bold beach handbag is a great way to accent your look. Jill Stuart has a really fun beach bag which is semi transparent so it’s also picks up on the peek-a-boo trend, or the see-through look. Cole Haan has a very nice bag which I’m obsessed about, a woven plastic. Cole Hann took their signature woven detailing and kicked it up a notch to make it fashion forward. I love that.

What advice can you give to women making their first handbag investment?
Every woman should own a great work bag, and if you can only afford one, I would stick with the classics. Go with the black, tan, grey, or a very neutral metallic color. Not gold, that can be too much. I’ll go with a satchel in a black or a grey, you can never go wrong with that. You can get a great one by Elliot Lucca. Another bag every woman should own is a great clutch, and you can find one for $30! But if you want to invest in a good clutch but can’t afford the Marc Jacobs, Lauren Merkin makes amazing clutches for $180. Eva Longoria Parker and Lindsay Lohan have worn Lauren Merkin on the red carpet.

Pamela Pekerman

What handbags are wearing right now?
Right now I’m wearing a woven bag by Elliot Luca, it’s mostly white but the center has a silver panel. It is perfect, it even fits my laptop. Elliot Lucca Handbags are amazing for the price point, because I know how expensive it is for designers to make the bags. And by the way, I keep my makeup in a small clutch this way my makeup is easily accessible. Think BBC (Bag, Baubles, and Coat): you need a great Bag, jewelry, and a coat, and you are good to go!

Have  you ever been tempted to design your own line of handbags?
I have been approached to do it, but I wouldn’t do it unless I have someone behind me. It is a very difficult process. I wouldn’t do it right now, but I also wouldn’t rule it out.

Why do you think bags have  become such a big obsession for women?
It’s much more practical for a woman to rationalize this type of purchase. It is much easier to walk into Escada purchasing a $2000 bag because you know you can wear this bag every single day forever. Yet you won’t necessarily purchase a $700 pair of pants, it’s seems more complicated.

What is the best part of your job?
Seeing all the bags!  It’s about knowing that for good or for bad I had no connections in this industry, so everything I’ve accomplished it’s not working 9 to 5, but literally 24 hours a day. Also, enjoying the travel and discounts here and there.

What’s next for Pamela Pekerman?
Hopefully doing some more stuff with HSN. I’m also working with my partner Michelle, and my fabulous assistant, on a bag trends party, called: Bag Trends Arm Candy Party, where we invite ten to fifteen really hot contemporary handbag designers to sell their merchandise to our customers. The point of this event is that it is a luxury shopping experience, we have an open bar, appetizers, and a spa to compliment the people who come to shop.

It was a pleasure to interview Pamela you can check out her amazing website; shop for your own perfect purse or read about Pamela’s Bag-a-Licious Life at

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Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia is one of Bravo’ Project Runway famous judges along with supermodel Heidi Klum, and fashion designer Michael Kors. Nina is also a magazine editor who until August 2008 acted as the Editor-at-Large of Elle Magazine. Nina is now a fashion director for Marie Claire Magazine. In 2007 Nina Garcia released her first book called: The Little Black Book of Style, by Harper Collins, which is a must-have read for any woman who would like to discover her own fashion sense. In August 2008 Nina published her second book: The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. In this interview Nina Garcia tells Marta Walsh what it takes to be successful in the fashion industry, the best part if being a judge on the Emmy nominated Bravo series Project Runway, her inspiration behind her latest book The One Hundred, and the Nina Garcia definition for style.
Why did you decide on a career in fashion and what does it take to be successful at it?
I was immediately drawn to the fashion industry’s constantly evolving nature.  To be successful?  It takes determination and a thick skin.

What is the best part of being a judge on Bravo’s Project Runway?
I love being a part of a show that has brought a great deal of attention to the fashion industry.  I think it has made fashion cool again and it has illustrated that it is an industry full of creative, vibrant, intelligent people.  I am very proud of that. 


What was your inspiration behind your new book: The One Hundred?
Really, the inspiration came out of necessity.  I had to move out of my apartment for 8 months while it was being renovated.  I couldn’t take my whole closet with me, so I was forced to ask myself, what are the items I cannot live without?  This is, for the most part, is a list of those items.

What is Nina Garcia’s definition for style?
You know when you can’t take your eyes off of someone and you are not sure why?  That’s style. 

What is next for Nina Garcia?
I just started a great new job at Marie Claire, I will be shooting the next season of Project Runway, and I have a few other ideas and opportunities rolling around.  We’ll see.  I’m always looking for a new challenge. 

Style Interviews would like to thank Nina for sharing some of her secrets with us. You can find Nina on Bravo’s Profect Runway and look out for The One Hundred at major bookstores / online retailers.

Frederic Fekkai Beverly Hills Salon Opens Salades De Provence Restaurant

Frédéric Fekkai announces the September 15th opening of ultra-chic French Mediterranean cafe, Salades De Provence at his Beverly Hills Salon.

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Reggie Lee

Reggie Lee is an American actor who played William Kim on the show Prison Break and also appeared in two Pirates of the Caribbean films, as well as The Fast and the Furious. Reggie Lee’s latest acting roles include Byong in a movie directed by Ben Stiller called: Tropic Thunder which opened this summer and Stu Rubin in Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell. In this interview Reggie Lee talks to Marta Walsh about some of the highlights of his acting career and his style secrets.

Can tell us a bit about your acting career so far?
Fast and Furious was great, and that started everything. I have this habit of playing the bad guys on screen and I love it because there are so many dimensions to characters that portray bad guys. I never really think of the as bad guys, everyone does what they have to do to survive in whatever instance they are in. Everyone does. So they are just caught I what society calls ‘bad guys’. I did The Fast and The Furious and everyone went oh my god I hate that guy. So they continue to cast me as that. But I love these characters because they is a bit of that in everyone, it is part of humanity. I feel I can bring a sense of humanity to these characters and give them a reason to why they are acting in that particular way. Weather is their background or circumstances, there so many things I can draw from that create these characters which essentially what I love about acting. So I started out with The Fast and The Furious and from then the ball started rolling to do independent films, and I did a television series called Luis and its character Luis Guzman. After that I was cast in the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was phenomena. It was one of these amazing experiences where you filming on a big ship in the middle of the Caribbean and you are pinching yourself wondering if you really there. The reason I like acting so much I’m an adult yet I get to play a child. Here I am in a big ship being a pirate in the middle of the Caribbean and I get to play pretend at the highest level. It was spectacular working with Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and director Gore Verbinski , down to the makeup and custom people who gave you the essence of being someone else. Because you get to put on these customs and they made your face full of scars, shave my head they gave you all the proper tools you need to play pretend at the highest level. From there I did a series called Prison Break and played a character everyone hated. Usually people love to hate you but everyone was just hating me. I would walk into a Starbucks and they would go: “Oh. I hate you”! Or “Good show but I hate you”! It very difficult for people to distiuish your character from your real life persona. And then I did a movie because Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor watched Prison Break. Ben Stiller casted me in a movie called Tropic Thunder which opens this summer. I finished shooting that last year in Hawaii. And now I just rapped a film for Sam Raimi called Drag Me To Hell who also directed all the Spiderman movies. I never worked with such an amazing collaborative and generous director. Sam Raimi made a work place that is very free and in that way you got to do your best work. The character in Drag Me To Hell, Stu Rubin, is one of my favorite characters to date I would have to say. What I love about it is that Stu Rubin is not specifically an Asian name it is a actually a Jewish name, and they never questioned it and never decided to change the name and they decided to cast an Asian male for this character. And now I am on a wonderful break. I feel blessed to have a little bit of time off because it gives you a room to breath and the room to get your motivation back and appreciate what you’ve done. This is when you find out what your heart wants. We forget, especially in Hollywood, that you have a freedom of choice and a lot of times Asian American actors forget that because we say what if there was no other job. We need to realize that work is part of our life and not our entire life.

Where do you draw the emotions to play these ‘bad guy’ characters?
We have such an infinite ability to imagine. Remember when you were a kid and you would look at the closet at night when it’s dark and imagine there is a monster, and if you imagine long enough you will really believe there is a monster there. And all these emotions of being frightened and scared would come up. In a very simple way I think is what acting is all about. So if I imagine as a bad guy who is desperate for money and the only way to get it is to get involved is to join a gang of people who steal money. That is the only way I would know to make money, and I would have to steal in order to eat. And suddenly I feel wow I got all this money and maybe I should get more so then I get greedy. So I would just imagine these situations for hours and hours. And that’s the hard work, because I never had to steal, but I can imagine what it would feel like. And in this imagination all these feelings and emotions that would come up with that. Sometimes I work for a month on a scene that is 5 minutes long. If for couple of weeks I imagine that I had to steal in order to eat, that scenario and feeling would become so real so when I got on set and it’s time to film that scene it would be so real to me so I don’t even have to think about it. Because in set you don’t have to think about it, you want to be able to just let your imagination run wild and to just have fun. Imagining to me is fun.

How would you describe your personal style?
It used to be classic trendy, I’m leaning more towards classic.

What inspires your style?
My dad has always inspired my style. I used to look at pictures of him from when he was younger and he always be in classic tailored suites…and I thought wow that’s really cool.

How do you go about picking an outfit for a red carpet event?
I have my publicist call around and give me choices…I’m a feeling person. Even if it is classic or trendy if I see and feel something from it then I tend to pick it. It’s not necessary what someone else would go wow about. It is something I feel like I want to be perceived as. Style is how you express you as an artist. For some reason I always loved clothes and dressing. When I was younger I would buy clothes that are trendy, and now I am very much into pieces that are of quality, simple and classic. I don’t mind buying an expensive piece knowing it looks amazing and it will last longer.

Did you ever have a fashion disaster?
When I came to LA I was dancing in music videos. I was actually dancing at the MTV Music Awards for Prince. The dancers in that early 90’s, the clothes we would wear to go to auditions, everyone tend to out-trend each other. And I remember me be in ripped jeans and combat boots, vest with no shirt, and little beads hanging on the vest, a necklace with a cross. I remember my picture taken in that outfit to go audition and I look back on it now and I go “O My”.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
I like to shop at Agnes B, Tom Ford. I love Ben Sherman stuff for a casual everyday wear. And, Hugo Boss.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
Agnes B and Nordstrom.

What is you signature cologne?
I don’t wear cologne. I used to. What I love most is smelling clean and fresh. I don’t seem to find that cologne, even the clean fresh colognes tend to smell too perfumey to me.

What would be your ultimate stylish car?
I love SUV’s like Porsche Cayenne. In terms of a sport car, I always as a kid I loved the 8 cylinder Jaguar.

What city do you love the most?
Florence, Italy.

What one or two things some people may not know about you?
That I’m spiritual and that I love to watch reality television shows. Reality shows take me away from the world.


Style Interviews would like to thank Reggie so much for taking the time to speak with us you can catch him currently appearing on the big screen in Tropic Thunder.

Alexis LaMontagna

Alexis LaMontagna is a Los Angeles native fashion designer. In this interview Alexis LaMontagna describes her fashion line as really sexy but comfortable to fit real women with real curves, her muse for her Fall 2008 collection: Dita Von Teese, what she loves most about being a fashion designer, and plans for the Alexis LaMontagna Menswear and Children line.

When did your fascination with fashion design begin?

My fascination with fashion probably started when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I remember always being late for preschool because I would be arguing with my mom about what I wanted to wear to school. She would buy me all of these really expensive, girly outfits and all I wanted to wear was some really tomboyish outfit out of my brothers’ closet that didn’t match and a pair of pink cowboy boots.

How would you describe the Alexis LaMontagna fashion line?

I would describe the line as a whole as really sexy but also comfortable. I really try to make clothes that fit real women with real woman curves, because that’s what I think is beautiful and sexy. Although, sometimes the word sexy is associated with tight and short and although there is some of that, there is also the throw on a pair of comfy jeans that look like they came out of your boyfriends closet and a wife beater look that I also find to be equally as hot.

How do you go about deciding what garment to design?

There is no real formula to how I decide what garment to design. My style is constantly changing and there is always at least a few pieces that are in my head that I wish were in my closet so I just start with those and then I usually build in outfits or what I think that piece would be cute worn with. I guess I just design what I want to wear at that moment.

“The gown, the model, the music, I felt that it just all really worked together. Seeing that model walk down the runway in that dress still gives me chills.”

Where do you draw the inspiration for the style and color of your designs?
I draw inspiration from everywhere! Sometimes I will be driving and listening to music and all of a sudden a certain song will make me feel crazy inspired or talking to my husband about all of the places that we want to travel to always gets me really inspired for some reason too. The worst is when I get in bed and I’m about to fall asleep and then all of a sudden out of nowhere I feel really inspired and my brain just starts going crazy thinking about all of the pieces I want to design. I’ll lay there for hours picturing all of these crazy cool clothes walking down the runway and the next thing I know I have to get out of bed and I’ve slept a total of two hours!


Who do you see wearing Alexis LaMontagna fashions?

There are quite a few people that I would love to see wearing my clothes. I designed my Fall ’08 collection with Dita Von Teese as my muse so obviously I would LOVE for her to wear my clothes. I also really love Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore, and Eva Mendes and would love to see them in my clothes. They are all really beautiful, sexy, confident women with great style.

What would be one of your most memorable garments you’ve ever designed?

One of my most memorable garments that I have designed would be a black and red striped denim gown that was the finale piece for my Fall ’08 runway show. The gown, the model, the music, I felt that it just all really worked together. Seeing that model walk down the runway in that dress still gives me chills.

Can you tell us more about the Alexis LaMontagna collection for this season and for the upcoming season?

Well, my inspiration for this season was 1920’s Hollywood Goth Glamour. I love old Hollywood Glamour but really dark so that’s what I created for Fall. Spring is totally different, it’s still a little bit dark because that’s what I like but its got more of a hippie feel to it. I love the music of the late 60’s and 70’s and the whole idea of Woodstock and what it was all about and seeing pictures and imagining what it would have been like to be a part of that really fascinates me so I tried to really use that as my inspiration for Spring. Also, obviously Spring is a bit more relaxed than Fall so you’ll still see some of the really classically tailored and structured pieces that I loved in the Fall collection but mixed in with some more comfy breezy dresses and wide legged slacks, tanks, ponchos, etc.

Who are some of your favorite designers of all time?

Some of my favorite designers of all time are Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel, John Galliano, and the list goes on and on!

Where can we shop for Alexis LaMontagna fashions?
A couple of the stores that you can find the line in are Maxine on Ventura Blvd in Studio City and Diavolina on Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood but for a full list of stores you can go to

What do you love most about being a fashion designer?

What I love most about being a fashion designer is when I get to see a woman put on one of my pieces and feel really good in it. To know that something that I created from one of my ideas can make somebody feel sexy or beautiful is just so cool.

How would you describe your own style?

I would describe my own style as rocker hippie. Vintage bell bottom Levi’s and a vintage t-shirt with black hair and black nail polish I think would be the best way to describe me.

What’s next for Alexis LaMontagna?

Next for Alexis LaMontagna is to try to grow the line so we can start on Menswear and a childrens line, which I’m really looking forward to!

It was a pleasure to interview Alexis you can check out more of her amazing designs at her website:

Micheal Yo

Michael Yo is the host of a call-in talk show called: Yo on E!, a three-hour entertainment talk show heard nationally on XM and Sirius Satellite Radio. Driven by the E! Network. Yo on E! sets the standard for entertainment talk, providing listeners with celebrity interviews, the latest in pop culture and breaking, and up-to-the-minute entertainment news. In this interview, Michael Yo shares with us some of his style secrets, what’s a day like hosting Yo on E!, his special connection to Miami, and his dream for hosting his own late night talk show.


How was your day so far, who did you interview?
It was crazy. We had bunch of people stop by the studio, like Ryan Seacrest. Hanson also stopped by today. They are coming up with a new tour. We talked about which group they would like to see make a comeback, they mentioned Queen. I also interviewed Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s dad, the other day. I interviewed him for E! News and the Daily Ten. It is interesting, Michael Lohan is famous for being such a bad guy in the media, I think he does talk a little much, but he is also really nice. He definitely loves the attention, and this is why he is doing the interviews. We scored the first one on camera. He is not mean. He admits in the past he’s done some bad, but now he is good. He is trying to do better. Last couple weeks ago we broke the story with Brooke Hogan, and Madonna called me when she was coming up with her new album. And I also speak to Benji and Joel Madden.

What do you love most about being a host?
I do so many different things. I got like 18 jobs right now. I have a local Miami afternoon show on Y100 that I do from LA. It is syndicated back to Miami. I’m also the music director of the radio station. I program the music for the station from LA. I started in Miami, and it brought me all the way here to LA to the Yo on E! show. I then became a pop culture junkie. Chelsea Handler from the show Chelsea Lately on E! Networks gave me my first break on TV. I really appreciate how Chelsea been on my show on the radio, and she told me I will do well on her show. Chelsea gave the chance and the opportunity, and it’s taking off since then. Being on the Chelsea Lately show puts me in the category of “he can hold his own on TV.” And E! News and the Daily 10 also put me on TV interviewing. I’ve already been here in LA a year and 3 months and it’s gone really well. Everyone on E! are great, like Joel McHale for The Soup.

How would you describe your interviewing style?
I do about 6 interviews a day. My interviewing style is like I’m talking to you, casual. A lot of time when some people interview on TV they look more stagnant. I keep the radio vibe. I don’t like to watch myself on TV because I don’t want to say: ‘I should look this way or that way”. I also want to be genuine to my radio form. The radio interviews are fun and upbeat. When a guest comes in, I try to be fair. I’m going to ask tough questions but I’m going to be fair. I never attack, that’s not my thing. I like to have my guests laugh and think they are going to be asked tough questions but it’s going to be fair and they are going to have fun while they’re here. I want to know what they like to do on their day off, and what’s something that nobody else knows about them. Every time I interview somebody, it is the best accomplishment if you get something out of them they have never said before. I feel if you treat your guests right they will give you the information you want. They will come back to you in the future because you reported right.

What is your own personal style?
I’m going through a change where moving from Miami the style is totally different than LA. In Miami is more you go out with jeans, here people wear suites, jeans or jacket. It is a lot more laid back here. I’ve been in LA for a year so I cleaned up my closet finally. I’m in Hugo Boss shirts, button down. I love ties now. My style in Miami was very basic like jeans, in LA it is a bit more stylish, more colors. Right now in the summer I’m into bright colors: yellows, greens, and purples.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
I love Hugo Boss, Club Monaco, J. Lindeberg.

Do you dress yourself or rely on a personal stylist?
The good thing about E! there are stylists all over the place. We just ask: “Hey do I look ok”? We are lucky at that.

What inspires your style?
Jonas Brothers, I love their style now. And the classic styles from the Ocean 13 movie, and really from all the ‘Ocean’ film series. George Clooney and Brad Pitt, their style is impeccable. I’m into the GQ and Details magazines. More so now that I moved to LA, the last three months, I’m into style. You can go to Barney’s or Macy’s , anywhere you go you can find something you can mix and match. If it is a nice fitted suite, I always find a way to make it not so stuffy. For example: I can wear jeans with a nice jacket with tennis shoes like Converse. I love Converse. When I go to a nice event I want to look clean, I wear Hugo Boss shoes. I can go either way, but mostly I like the laid back look. Classic but yet laid back.

Have you ever had a fashion disaster?
When I first moved to LA, you go through a transition, people get styled over here. It is kind of normal when you move to a new city. I would show up to events all dressed up and everybody is laid back. This is the only fashion disaster incident for me because I never go way outside of the box. It took me about six months to get into the LA style.

What is your signature cologne?
Dolce and Gabbana the original. I’ve been wearing this cologne since high school. For some reason it works on my skin, and I get lots of compliments, so I’m not changing it. Once you find something you love, and people love it on you-it works.

What would be your ultimate stylish car?
I love the new Austin Martin in the new James Bond movie. Way too much money, but that would be my ultimate car. I will get it in midnight blue. It is also in GQ this month (June 2008) with Robert Downey Jr. on the cover.

Which celebrities do you find most stylish?
David Beckham, of course. And he’s got a lot a pressure to look good because of his wife, Victoria Beckham. George Clooney is always classic. It’s older guys, I look up to them for fashion because they always seem to be put together. For example, you will never see Michael Jordan not put together.

The city I love the most…
Miami. South Beach. Love it. I like the fact that you can walk down on Ocean Avenue nearly four blocks and not hear English once. It always like a mini vacation. I love Miami’s energy. I was actually born in Houston Texas, but I lived in Miami, went to college and never went back. I got a job in Miami for the last eight years and E! Networks moved me to LA about a year and 3 months ago. I miss Miami so much, I consider Miami as my home.

What one or two things some people may not know about you?
My favorite movie is Gladiator. I used to snore but now I don’t anymore, and I have no idea why. I can eat sushi every night and be happy. My perfect night is inside watching a movie and having a great dinner, in the house. I’m not into running around the Hollywood scene going from club to club. And, I’m working on my body to look like Brad Pitt in the 1998 movie: Fight Club. I’m working on it, I haven’t started yet.

What’s next for Michael Yo?
My dream job is to do a late night talk show like Carson Daily. And like Ryan Seacrest produce TV programs. I’m on the radio right now, I’m on E! News and the Daily Ten I do some reporting for them. I’m also on CNN as a culture expert. The TV stuff is coming along but my ultimate goal is to have my late night talk show. Every day I’m getting closer, I can count my blessings, and one day it will happen.

Style Interviews would like to thank Micheal so much for sharing with us some of his style secrets. You can find out more about Micheal and his radio show Yo on E! at

Rami Kashou

Fashion designer Rami Kashou, who is also Project Runway’s Season 4 Alum, has designed for celebrities such as: Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan to just name a few. In this interview, Rami Kashou talks about his experience on the Project Runway show and his life after the show, why he enjoyed designing for Heidi Klum, how did he come up with his signature draping look, and his plans for the future.

When did your fascination with fashion design begin?
At an early age of five.. I remember peeking through my mothers closet and picking out the things that she should wear 🙂

How did your involvement with Bravo’s Project Runway come about?
I auditioned during Season 3 castings purely out of curiosity but decided to pass after giving it some thought. During Season 4 castings Tim Gun and Jennifer Eagan of Gen Art called me on a Saturday and inspired me to reconsider.. I ended up doing so.

How would you describe your experience on Project Runway?
Exciting, terrifying, frustrating at times, exhausting, inspiring, alienation from the outside
world and truly bizarre.

What projects have you been working on since the show?
I was asked to design looks for Heidi Klum right after the show wrapped, which I was more than happy to. I dressed her to the US Weekly Hot Hollywood part where she was honored for style icon of the year
– I was invited to design a paper money outfit which is in the current Forbes issue, and I was asked to be with her in the shoot.. you will see me in the mag.. with her
– I was honored by los angeles president Eric Garcetti
– I was invited by Scoop Style to design a look and be Stefani Greenfield’s guest on HSN/ The dress sold out in 4 minutes which was fantastic
– lots of evening, bridal and custom orders
– I will be flying to Washington to receive an honor accomplishment award
– I was invited on the set of Ugly Betty to meet and great with the cart… Vanessa Williams, Rebacca Romaine, Becki Newton and others.. was really great
– Dressing Becki Newton currently
– there are more things brewing that I will reveal when I am allowed 🙂

“Heidi Klum, she is great, open to my ideas and ready to try new things, we make a good match because I know what she likes and she goes for what I design very well.”

How would you define your designing style?
Elegant, feminine and sophisticated. It is really about celebrating women.

Where do you draw the inspiration for the style and color of your designs?
My muses are all the women I design for with a theme usually outlines, last season was derived from Joan of Arc.. this theme is still in the works for Spring Summer 09.. Colors are usually inspired from paintings I may look at, they also represent a deeper meaning at times, depending on the mood of the collection at hand.. it is an ever changing process.


How did you come up with your signature ‘draping’ look?
I am self taught, therefore since I didn’t know the trained rules obtained in school, I discovered unusual ways to drape materials that outline the figure in flattering ways, the more I did it the more I fell in love with the technique..

Who do you see wearing Rami Kashou fashions?
Any woman who takes pride in being feminine, desires to exude sex appeal and sophistication at the same time..? A modern woman who like classic elements with an unusual twist.

Can you tell us about the Rami Kashou collection for this season?
I like clean lines, flattering fits and fresh colors that make you think of a new time.

Which celebrities have you designed for and how was it like collaborating with them?
Heidi Klum, she is great, open to my ideas and ready to try new things, we make a good match because I know what she likes and she goes for what I design very well. Becki Newton, is a pure sweetheart and is ready to wear anything that is different

Jessica Alba is a pure classic feminine beauty, she has been a great supporter since the beginning of my career. Dita Von Teese, will wear the most daring looks that I design and pull them off beautifully. She is exquisite.

Where can we shop for the Rami Kashou fashion line?
Visit my website and you will find all the stores that carry my line in and out of the US.

What does it take to succeed as a fashion designer?
Dedication, love of the business, originality, understanding, hard work, being in the right place at the right time.

How would you describe your own style?
Mine would be dressy casual.. I like a good pair of jeans with nice dress boots and my own dress shirts that I design on my free time.

What’s next for Rami Kashou?
A new collection, more evening dresses a boutique where people can visit with me and have custom made designs created for them… and a few more things that I will share when we’re closer
to the date!

It was a pleasure to interview Rami you can check out more of his great designs at his website:

Rachel Pally

Rachel Pally is the talented fashion designer behind the Rachel Pally fashion line. In this interview, Rachel talks about how she fell in love with fashion design while working at a custom shop in college, the Rachel Pally design philosophy, and what made her fashion line take-off as a must have brand among celebrities.

When did your fascination with fashion design begin?
I was working in the costume shop for my dance department in college and just fell in love with it. I loved making costumes and seeing them worn, and I started to make things for myself. Pretty soon my girlfriends were borrowing my pieces and I thought, “Hey! I should give this a try!”

Can you tell us how it all began: the Rachel Pally fashion line?
After I started sewing my own clothes, I sold them on consignment at a store/gallery in Chinatown in LA and things kept selling out. So I made a set of samples and shopped them around to stores.

How would you describe the Rachel Pally design philosophy?
Easy, sexy, day-to-night, night-to-day, body conscious

“I started before there were any other brands using jersey for anything other than t-shirts, so I was offering a product that couldn’t be found elsewhere. And the collection has such a large range, women of all ages and sizes can find something that perfectly suits them.”

Where do you draw the inspiration for the styles and colors of your designs?
From women I know, women I see on the street, magazines, movies, travel – I am always inspired by things I see.

What would be some of your most popular garments you’ve ever designed?
The cropped gaucho pant, the sailor pant, the full tie tube dress, the Mexico dress, the caftan dress…..

To what do you attribute your success in the jersey arena?
I started before there were any other brands using jersey for anything other than t-shirts, so I was offering a product that couldn’t be found elsewhere. And the collection has such a large range, women of all ages and sizes can find something that perfectly suits them. And our fit is fantastic so people keep coming back for more! And I received a lot of celebrity press early on, which built the brand name, got me into magazines, and really launched the company.

What made Rachel Pally designs take off as a must-have brand, especially among celebrities?
The fit, the availability, the ease of wear…..and lots and lots of PR and gifting!

How does your experience in dance influence the Rachel Pally fashion line today?
Jersey has such beautiful drape and motion – having a body in there makes the clothes come to life. My dance background also makes me aware of women’s bodies – what does and doesn’t look good, where things should cling and where they should drape.

What should we expect to see at Rachel Pally in the upcoming season?
We just shipped our swim collection and we have cashmere and double-knit ponti coming out for fall. Just keeping it new and fresh every season!

Who are some of your favorite designers of all time?
Marni, Balenciaga, Donna Karan, Lanvin

How would you describe your own style?

What’s next for Rachel Pally?
A vacation! And then….who knows!

Many thanks to Rachel for taking the time to interview for Style Interviews you can learn more about her designs and fashions at:

Heidi Klum Wears Nikolaki on Conan O’Brien!

“I was very excited to tune in to Conan O’Brien last night and see Heidi Klum wearing my dress! We have been wanting Heidi to wear Nikolaki and were waiting until we had just the right dress for her. When this dress was completed, the first words out of my mouth were, “This Dress would look AMAZING on Heidi”!-Nick Verreos.

Heidi Klim on Conan O’Brien wearing NIKOLAKI.