Rami Kashou

Fashion designer Rami Kashou, who is also Project Runway’s Season 4 Alum, has designed for celebrities such as: Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan to just name a few. In this interview, Rami Kashou talks about his experience on the Project Runway show and his life after the show, why he enjoyed designing for Heidi Klum, how did he come up with his signature draping look, and his plans for the future.

When did your fascination with fashion design begin?
At an early age of five.. I remember peeking through my mothers closet and picking out the things that she should wear 🙂

How did your involvement with Bravo’s Project Runway come about?
I auditioned during Season 3 castings purely out of curiosity but decided to pass after giving it some thought. During Season 4 castings Tim Gun and Jennifer Eagan of Gen Art called me on a Saturday and inspired me to reconsider.. I ended up doing so.

How would you describe your experience on Project Runway?
Exciting, terrifying, frustrating at times, exhausting, inspiring, alienation from the outside
world and truly bizarre.

What projects have you been working on since the show?
I was asked to design looks for Heidi Klum right after the show wrapped, which I was more than happy to. I dressed her to the US Weekly Hot Hollywood part where she was honored for style icon of the year
– I was invited to design a paper money outfit which is in the current Forbes issue, and I was asked to be with her in the shoot.. you will see me in the mag.. with her
– I was honored by los angeles president Eric Garcetti
– I was invited by Scoop Style to design a look and be Stefani Greenfield’s guest on HSN/ The dress sold out in 4 minutes which was fantastic
– lots of evening, bridal and custom orders
– I will be flying to Washington to receive an honor accomplishment award
– I was invited on the set of Ugly Betty to meet and great with the cart… Vanessa Williams, Rebacca Romaine, Becki Newton and others.. was really great
– Dressing Becki Newton currently
– there are more things brewing that I will reveal when I am allowed 🙂

“Heidi Klum, she is great, open to my ideas and ready to try new things, we make a good match because I know what she likes and she goes for what I design very well.”

How would you define your designing style?
Elegant, feminine and sophisticated. It is really about celebrating women.

Where do you draw the inspiration for the style and color of your designs?
My muses are all the women I design for with a theme usually outlines, last season was derived from Joan of Arc.. this theme is still in the works for Spring Summer 09.. Colors are usually inspired from paintings I may look at, they also represent a deeper meaning at times, depending on the mood of the collection at hand.. it is an ever changing process.


How did you come up with your signature ‘draping’ look?
I am self taught, therefore since I didn’t know the trained rules obtained in school, I discovered unusual ways to drape materials that outline the figure in flattering ways, the more I did it the more I fell in love with the technique..

Who do you see wearing Rami Kashou fashions?
Any woman who takes pride in being feminine, desires to exude sex appeal and sophistication at the same time..? A modern woman who like classic elements with an unusual twist.

Can you tell us about the Rami Kashou collection for this season?
I like clean lines, flattering fits and fresh colors that make you think of a new time.

Which celebrities have you designed for and how was it like collaborating with them?
Heidi Klum, she is great, open to my ideas and ready to try new things, we make a good match because I know what she likes and she goes for what I design very well. Becki Newton, is a pure sweetheart and is ready to wear anything that is different

Jessica Alba is a pure classic feminine beauty, she has been a great supporter since the beginning of my career. Dita Von Teese, will wear the most daring looks that I design and pull them off beautifully. She is exquisite.

Where can we shop for the Rami Kashou fashion line?
Visit my website www.ramikashou.com and you will find all the stores that carry my line in and out of the US.

What does it take to succeed as a fashion designer?
Dedication, love of the business, originality, understanding, hard work, being in the right place at the right time.

How would you describe your own style?
Mine would be dressy casual.. I like a good pair of jeans with nice dress boots and my own dress shirts that I design on my free time.

What’s next for Rami Kashou?
A new collection, more evening dresses a boutique where people can visit with me and have custom made designs created for them… and a few more things that I will share when we’re closer
to the date!

It was a pleasure to interview Rami you can check out more of his great designs at his website: www.ramikashou.com