Ports 1961 New York Boutiques Opening February 2009

Following the success of their US debut on Melrose Place, Designer Tia Cibani gets ready to open Ports 1961’s second boutique in the center of New York City’s Historic Meatpacking District.

Designed by architect Michael Gabellini, Ports interior unfolds as a meandering animated narrative of movement, a layered backdrop of translucent scrims and veils reflecting projected imagery.

The inherent qualities of twisted nickel bars and floating lucite shelves provide understated elegance and sculptural balance. American walnut floors and handmade carpets add natural warmth. The space is open and intimate, creating an environment of modern refinement with a spirited casualness.

Illumination and color infuse the space with a sense of place and atmosphere. The lighting concept combines filtered light veils, saturated luminescent planes and rhythmic lines of direct light.

An open floor to ceiling skylight exposes the center room to various gradations of natural daylight to moonlight, emphasizing various aspects of the collections cut, color and form.

Outside great importance was given to preserving the quality of the local historic neighborhood by restoring Ports 3 9th Avenue building to introduce a modern wedge of Zink and glass into the landscape, expanding the interior space.

The retail level will present the seasonal collection as well as a gallery of limited edition items including, collectable books, music and object art collected from Cibani’s multi cultural travels. Tia draws her inspiration from a vast source of historic and ethnic references, resulting in a collection of richly colored and uniquely textured fabrics. Designing sensual shapes that are ethereal yet modern. The intimate setting of this historic building’s second floor will host local artist events and the third floor will serve as Tia’s design studio.

Ports 1961 3 Ninth Avenue New York, NY 10014 T. 917.475.1022

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