Schooled A Book by Anisha Lakhani

Schooled By Anisha Lakhani: Ever wonder why the rich kids always seem to get into the best schools? It’s not from staying up late at night studying. From writing book reports for 11 year olds to reading Shakespeare for college students, tutor Anna Taggert learns that these privileged kids spend their nights instant messaging while she is doing their homework.

Anisha Lakhani’s debut novel will have you begging to get Schooled. The fantastic page turner set in the world of Manhattan’s elite private schools is “Gossip Girl” inside the classroom. Author Anisha Lakhani, a former English teacher, gives readers a glimpse into the lives of today’s most privileged teenagers. School isn’t all about Chanel handbags & boyfriends… only if you have a tutor doing your homework!

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