FASHION & STYLE: Backstage At Nolcha Fashion Week 09

Watch: FASHION & STYLE video from their coverage from Nolcha Fashion Week New York 2009.

Robert Reynolds of Reynolds & Associates and Natascha Bessez take you backstage at Nolcha. Watch Natascha’s interview with Empire Model Management model “Charissa” (image above). Charissa walked down the runway in Tami B clothing from the Nolcha Caribbean shows.


Robert Reynolds
From left: Robert Reynolds of Reynolds & Associates and Natascha Bessez

FASHION & STYLE Presents NOLCHA Fashion Week New York 09

Thanks to Robert Reynolds at Reynolds & Associates Style Interviews is able to bring to you a sneak peek to NOLCHA Fashion Week New York 2009, a BJ Coleman of the Coleman Entertainment Group event.

NOLCHA promotes emerging and independent fashion designers from all over the world. This year NOLCHA showcased 50 brands! Check them out at: and at

Executive Producer Robert Reynolds and video courtesy of Reynolds & Associates

In this video:
Kerry Bannigan, CEO of Nolcha
Designer: Jorge Afandor. Brand: Afandor
Designer: Emily Brickel. Brand: Rock Hard Atelier
Designer: Buffi Jashanmal. Brand: Quiet Riot
Lynn Furge, Creative Director for Nolcha

Marta Walsh founder & editor of photographed with BJ Coleman of of the Colman Entertainment group at Nolcha Fashion Week, New York 09

I also attended NOLCHA Fashion Week last week during my visit for New York Fashion Week Spring 2010. The two events happened simultaneously. I was so busy running around the tents and backstage of the shows at the New York Fashion Week, but I made sure to stop by upper east side at the NOLCHA Fashion Week and to meet BJ Coleman. As soon as I walked in the Bohemian National Hall, located at 321 East 73rd I saw BJ Coleman and introduced myself. I told BJ that I couldn’t travel all the way to NYC and miss his event! I

Robert Reynolds of Reynolds & Associates photographed with Marta Walsh

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