Joseph Domingo Bares All With “Skin” Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

JOSEPH DOMINGO reveals “SKIN”, a daring and exciting collection for Spring/Summer 2009, at Mercedes-Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week. His show is scheduled to march down the runway at 6PM Tuesday October 14, at Stage One of Smashbox Studios, Culver City, CA.

The show features the San Francisco-based designer’s progressive exploration into the feminine mystique. Often catering to the well-heeled set and glamorous women in rarefied entertainment and fashion circles, Joseph Domingo is set to showcase head-turning pieces that confidently tease between what one shows and what is kept hidden. “It’s not about being overtly sexy but being sensuous,” he points out. “For example, a bare shoulder can often be more alluring than being completely naked. It’s about the promise of possibilities.” The concept hinges on the art of seduction as personified by Joseph’s muse of the moment, the Greek goddess of love herself – Aphrodite – and by women across the ages who knew exactly how much to unveil and how much to hold back.

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Joseph Domingo

Joseph Domingo is a San Francisco based Fashion Designer, specializing in custom-made clothing. He designs for men and women, including sportswear, contemporary clothing, evening wear, and wedding gowns. In this interview Joseph Domingo talks about what inspired him to become a Fashion Designer, the most memorable garment he designed so far, his passion for meeting great people and making them look beautiful, and his dreams for a Joseph Domingo empire.

When did your fascination with fashion design begin?
As a young boy I used to love watching beauty pageants like Miss Universe. I got inspired by the beautiful women and their cloths.

How would you describe the Joseph Domingo fashion line?
Modern, contemporary, yet classy. The Joseph Domingo line is classic, and doesn’t follow trends.

“Shakira wore my dress on the cover of Cosmopolitan February 2008 edition, which was published in Europe, Check Republic, Asia, turkey and Latin America.”

How do you go about deciding what garment to design?
Depends on the fabric and client. I designed clothes that are appropriate to the event my client is attending. It has to be the right style that fits the occasion and climate too.

Where do you draw the inspiration for the style and color of your designs?
Travel, museums, architecture…

Who do you see wearing Joseph Domingo fashions?
Confident and sexy individuals. It has to be sexy and not vulgar.

What would be one of your most memorable garments you’ve ever designed?
Shakira wore my dress on the cover of Cosmopolitan February 2008 edition, which was published in Europe, Check Republic, Asia, turkey and Latin America.

Can you tell us more about the Joseph Domingo collection for this season?
Vixen inspired, cat woman, Alexis Colby from Dynasty. Sexy lines but not vulgar. The clothes are a bit longer and form fitted.

Who are some of your favorite designers of all time?
I call them the ‘Three Italians’: Giorgio Armani, Gianfranco Ferre, and Valentino. I love Giorgio Armani’s clothes because they are classic and well constructed. Gianfranco Ferre’s beautiful clothes are inspired by his studies in Architecture, and Valentino for his fluid and feminine clothes.

Where can we shop for Joseph Domingo fashions?
At my studio in San Francisco.

What do you love most about being a fashion designer?
Meeting great people and making them look beautiful.

How would you describe your own style?
Simple and elegant.

What’s next for Joseph Domingo?
Alot. I don’t want to stop. I would like to have my own empire someday. I can envision my own perfume line, and sunglasses. And I rather build my empire step by step, little by little instead of all at once.

You can learn more about Joseph and his line at his official website: